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What is Hot Yoga?
Simply put, hot yoga is very similar to regular yoga, just in a warmer room. In yoga, we practice different breathing techniques and exercise through a series of poses and helps improve health and happiness. We offer a variety of classes including Basics, Classic, Flow and Power. Depending on the class, the room is heated anywhere between 85 to 105 degrees. The heat of the room helps prepare the body for movement and makes for a sweaty workout.

Although hot yoga offers many of the same benefits of traditional yoga such as stress reduction, improved strength and flexibility, it is more than just a few minutes of deep stretching. Not only does the heated room make the class more challenging, but hot yoga has been shown to help burn more calories, improve flexibility, build bone density, reduce stress, ease depression, provide a cardiovascular boost, reduce blood glucose levels and nourish the skin.

What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?
The benefits to hot yoga are endless, buckle up for the positive reasons below!

Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. It helps:

• Burn calories
• Increase strength
• Find balance
• Improve flexibility
• Boost energy
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Become present
• Elevate health and wellbeing
• Enhance sleep quality
• Embrace challenge
• Develop awareness
• Learn self-care
• Improve range of motion
• Manage weight
• Increase circulation
• Boost metabolism
• Correct posture
• Find focus
• Increase patience
• Practice mindfulness
• Feel gratitude
• Build confidence
• Embrace community

Need we say more??

Does the Heat Make the Class More Challenging?
Yes, the heat does make the class more challenging. The heat helps us get our cardiovascular system working to provide a more well-rounded workout for mind, body and soul. The heat also helps our muscles open up and stretch deeper. Hot yoga will help you build strength and flexibility, while sweating it out and burning extra calories!
What Are the Heat Levels Like?
We primarily use infrared heat which feels more like a warm, sunny day rather than a steaming hot sauna.
Is Yoga a Cardiovascular Workout?
Yes. The heat helps up the challenge of a yoga class and helps us concentrate on using our cardiovascular system and proper breathing. Our yoga classes help improve flexibility, strength and balance while working your cardiovascular system and entire body.
What Makes Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Different?

• Try Before You Commit: try us for 10 days for only $10.
• It Gets Hot in Here: hence why we call it the SWEAT SHOP. You’ll definitely be burning calories and getting your workout in.
• Classes: we offer our different styles of classes including basic, classic, flow and power so that you’ll never get bored. We have something for everybody whether you’re just starting yoga, have years of experience or are just looking to burn some calories with low-impact activity.
• Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT200): all of our teachers are registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance. That might not mean a lot to most people, but it basically means that we know our stuff 😉
• Month-to-month Membership Options: you will never worry about being “locked in” to a contract or signing as many pages as you did for your first home to start with us. Start anytime or cancel anytime. Either way, we’re here for you.
• Showers: showers, changing area and locker rooms, oh my! Say goodbye to wasting time to stop home to shower after class. Get right to your next activity whether it’s work, running errands or picking the kids up from soccer practice.
• Personalized and Tailored Yoga Training: our teachers are experts in giving a little extra attention and help at just the right time. Whether it’s a hands-on adjustment, verbal cues or a few words of encouragement, we’re here to help you succeed and have the best yoga experience possible.
• Infrared Heat: our studio is heated by energy efficient and therapeutic infrared heat which helps boost your metabolism, breaks down fat, conditions the cardiovascular system, improves flexibility and  joint comfort and aids in relaxation and stress management. Infrared heat is a gentle heat that feels like a warm and sunny day rather than a sauna.
• Build Strength: our goal is to help you build the best version of yourself. We all start somewhere. Yoga is a great way to improve your endurance for other physical activities or for daily movements. Yoga can be a great complement to other physical activity. After other activities, such as weightlifting or running, yoga can help you stretch and strengthen your muscles while relaxing. Through your yoga practice you will build muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance.
• fkout. Our indoor plants help boost your mood, concentration and creativity along with reducing stress and fatigue. Our plants also help clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. You will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and energized.

Do You Have Yoga Classes for Beginners?
Our classes are suited to be appropriate for all levels, from beginners to advanced students. We do offer a basics class where the room is heated to 85 degrees (some of the other classes are as hot as 105 degrees!). Our Basics class is the perfect place to start your yoga journey. Everybody starts somewhere. The instructor will break down poses by giving verbal cues and demonstrations. We also offer modifications to help you build your strength, flexibility and stamina.
What Should I Wear?
Wear clothes that you’re comfortable sweating in. Sweat wicking workout clothing that is form-fitting tends to work best. Avoid thick, cotton materials if possible.
What Should I Bring with Me to Sweat Shop Hot Yoga?
Bring your water bottle (plastic or metal please), yoga mat, long towel to lay on top of your mat, sweat towel and change of clothes. If you don’t have a yoga mat or towel you can rent them from the studio. If it’s your first class, mat and towel rentals are on the house.
Do I Need My Own Yoga Mat?
Nope! If you don’t have a mat, you may rent one for a small fee at the studio (free if it’s your first class!). We also have mats available for purchase.
For My First Class, What Time Should I Get There?
Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins. This will allow you time to check in, relax or stretch before class begins. Our studio opens 30 minutes prior to the start of class.
What is the Temperature in the Studio?
Our studio is heated between 85 – 105 degrees, depending on the class.
Are All of the Classes Heated?
Yes, all of our classes are heated between 85 – 105 degrees depending on the class.
What If I’m Not Flexible?
You DO NOT need to be flexible to do yoga! Yoga helps improve flexibility, but it is not a prerequisite to get started. Hot yoga helps make our muscles more pliable, helping you stretch deeper and improve flexibility and range of motion. You will reap the mind, body and soul benefits of hot yoga whether or not you can touch your toes!
Does Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Have Restrooms?

We sure do! We have spacious individual restrooms that provide plent of space to change or take care of business before and/or after class.

Do You Have Any Promotions?

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see any current promotions!

Should I Do Hot Yoga If I’m Pregnant?
Hot yoga classes are generally not recommended for those who are pregnant.
Should I Do Yoga If I Have Pre Existing Medical Conditions?
Before starting any new exercise regimen, it is always best to consult with your doctor. Hot yoga classes are not recommended for those who have hip and/or knee replacements or have had spinal injuries or herniated disks. If you have a preexisting injury, please let your teacher know so they can provide suggestions or modifications for the poses during class.
Do I Need to Make A Reservation or Pre-Register?
No, you do not need to make a reservation or pre-register, just show up to class! You may sign up for class online ahead of time if you’d like.
Do You Offer Private Yoga Instruction?
Yes! Please email for more information. Be sure to include your name, phone number and any pertinent details.
What is Your Cancellation Policy?

All Membership and Package purchases are final and we are unable to process refunds. If you are unable to attend class, please cancel your booking through Vagaro as soon as possible to ensure that your class is credited back to your Membership or Package and/or refunded to your initial form of payment. Please note, we require a 30 day notice to cancel or pause Memberships and Packages. Memberships and Packages can only be paused once per year.

Where is Sweat Shop Hot Yoga Located?

Sweat Shop Hot Yoga is located in Oconomowoc, WI. Our address is:

N48W36115 E Wisconsin Ave, Suite B

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

How Can I Contact Sweat Shop Hot Yoga?

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question about classes, hot yoga, or anything else, we’re ready to answer all of your questions.

Phone: 262-269-1466



N48W36115 E Wisconsin Ave, Suite B

Oconomowoc, WI 53066