Sometimes it helps to hear what other people have to say before we dive in to something new. We get it! Check out what our students have to say about our Oconomwoc yoga classes.

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We think we’re pretty awesome, but proof is in the pudding. Thankfully, our customers think we’re pretty awesome too. We’ll let you hear it directly from them, check out the videos and testimonials below to learn more about what our customers have to say about our Oconomowoc yoga classes.

“The classes are appropriate for those who are beginners and more advanced. Christina always gives options for modifications, and is so encouraging! I would recommend this studio to anyone!”


“Christina is an extremely helpful Oconomowoc yoga instructor. Her classes are both challenging and relaxing. After just 30 short minutes you will be glowing from lots of hard work!”

“Great way to participate in Yoga and Christina is a great instructor and makes the classes fun and easy to follow.”

“The classes are amazing and the instructor has the perfect flow and pace!! If you haven’t signed up, do it now because you’re missing out!”

“I have participated in yoga on and off for years, I love it, but sometimes time just slips away. I joined one of Christina’s online 30 minute classes and it was amazing! I didn’t expect to sweat as much as I did! Can’t wait for more yoga classes!”

“Great instructor and she is always encouraging the participants to do the best they can. Keeps the class interesting by providing a different routine at each class and covers a variety of fitness levels.”

“After trying yoga in college, I knew it helped me with my flexibility and peace of mind. Christina’s Oconomowoc yoga class offered the chance to pursue it again, is well taught and easy to follow along. I ended up recommending to friends!”


Sweat Shop Hot Yoga isn’t your average yoga studio. We’re a little bit different and we like it that way.

Try Before You Commit:

Try us for two weeks for only $37.

It Gets Hot in Here:

Hence why we call it the SWEAT SHOP. You’ll definitely be burning calories and getting your workout in.


We offer different styles of classes of Oconomowoc yoga classes including basic, classic, flow, power and unwind so that you’ll never get bored. We have something for everybody whether you’re just starting yoga, have years of experience or are just looking to burn some calories with low-impact activity.

Registered Yoga Teachers:

All of our teachers are registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance. That might not mean a lot to most people, but it basically means that we know our stuff 😉

Month-to-month Membership Options:

You will never worry about being “locked in” to a contract or signing as many pages as you did for your first home to start with us. Start anytime or cancel anytime. Either way, we’re here for you.

Personalized and Tailored Yoga Training:

Our teachers are experts in giving a little extra attention and help at just the right time. Whether it’s a hands-on adjustment, verbal cues or a few words of encouragement, we’re here to help you succeed and have the best yoga experience possible.

Infrared Heat:

Our studio is heated by energy efficient and therapeutic infrared heat which helps boost your metabolism, breaks down fat, conditions the cardiovascular system, improves flexibility and joint comfort and aids in relaxation and stress management. Infrared heat is a gentle heat that feels like a warm and sunny day rather than a sauna.

Build Strength:

Our goal is to help you build the best version of yourself. We all start somewhere. Yoga is a great way to improve your endurance for other physical activities or for daily movements. Yoga can be a great complement to other physical activity. After other activities, such as weightlifting or running, yoga can help you stretch and strengthen your muscles while relaxing. Through your yoga practice you will build muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Clean Atmosphere:

Our studio features hypo-allergenic, non-porous flooring, making it easy to keep fresh. We take pride in providing a clean space, which allows you to focus on your workout. Our indoor plants help boost your mood, concentration and creativity along with reducing stress and fatigue. Plants also help clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. You will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and energized.


Increased Flexibility: heat helps warm the muscles and allows for a greater range of motion. The heat allows hot yoga students to extend further into the poses and gain confidence in their practice.

Weight Loss: when we set, our body expends more energy to help cool us down. Hot yoga helps to burn more calories due to increasing the energy expended throughout the class.

Increased Circulation: when our bodies are warm, blood flow and circulation increases. This can help lower blood pressure, oxygenate the organs and rid the body of toxins.

Detoxification: hot yoga will make you sweat, which is your body’s natural way of flushing toxins.

Pain Relief: when your tissues, muscles and joints are penetrated by heat, they heal and regenerate. This can help sooth pain, minor injuries and chronic ailments.



Other workouts can be grueling, high-impact and tedious. Hot yoga is a low impact alternative that helps build muscle while keeping your mind and body totally engaged, for a full 60 minutes. Hot yoga will help you build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness- all at the same time. If you’re still not sold, let us tackle some common hot yoga objections and myths.

It’s Too Hot:

Our classes are heated anywhere from 85 to 105 degrees using primarily infrared heat. Infrared heat feels more like the warm sun than a steaming sauna. We recommend you arrive to class 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to lay and stretch in the yoga studio prior to class and adjust to the heat.

I’m Not Flexible Enough:

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. Going to yoga classes regularly can help you increase flexibility and strength, but it is not a prerequisite to doing yoga. We all start somewhere.

I Already Sweat Too Much Doing Regular Workouts:

This might come as a surprise, but we all sweat. It’s completely normal and to be expected, especially when it comes us to hot yoga! Trust us when we say, everyone around you will be sweating you too. Sweating is our natural response to heat and exerting energy and helps us reap the full benefits of a hot yoga class.

I Won’t Be Able to Hold Poses While Dripping in Sweat:

We’re all sweating and sliding around. Bring or rent a towel from the studio to cover your mat and reduce slipping on your mat. Wear sweat-wicking clothing that will help reduce sweat and help you gain traction in your poses. Bring a small sweat towel that you can use to wipe sweat away during class.

I’ll Get Dehydrated:

Stay hydrated before, during and after class. Bring a water bottle to class with you to sip on during class. Afterwards, drink an electrolyte drink to replenish nutrients and help yourself stay hydrated.

I’ll Overstretch from My Muscles Being Too Warm:

Heat increase blood flow to your muscles, making them more pliable. You’re actually less likely to get injured with warm muscles than cooler ones. Although you may feel slight discomfort in some of the poses (this is how you grow!), you should never feel pain. If you feel pain, it’s your body’s signal to you to back off and come out of the pose a bit until it is more comfortable.

It’s Too Physically Demanding:

Hot yoga is a very low impact form of exercise, especially when compared to running or lifting weights. Putting some amount of strain on your limbs, joints and muscles is what helps us grow stronger and improve balance. Moving from pose to pose helps enhance our range of motion which makes daily life easier on your body, especially as we age.




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